On Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 12:50 PM, Telmo Menezes <te...@telmomenezes.com>wrote:

> > if one is to believe in a god that created everything, then one also has
> to believe that this god
> was malicious enough to plant an incredible amount of false evidence: the
> fossil record,

Yes, but that's not the only reason God would be a sadistic monster. He
could have produced complex animals like you and me just by snapping His
fingers, but instead he decided to do it by way of Evolution. And Evolution
has made some beautiful things but the process itself is not beautiful, in
fact its cruelty is ASTRONOMICAL, for every tiny advance millions die
horrible deaths. There is no getting around it, Evolution is a hideously
cruel process and if I were God I would have done things very very
differently, among other things I would have made intense physical pain a
logical impossibility, but unfortunately that punk Yahweh got the job and
not me.

  John K Clark

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