On Sun, Aug 25, 2013 at 2:37 PM, Chris de Morsella <cdemorse...@yahoo.com>wrote:

> >> And yes half a century ago the CIA over through some 2 bit leaders in
>> Chile and Iran, big deal.
> > John you are either grossly ignorant of history, or squeeze it like
> toothpaste through the aperture of your ideological point of view.
Chris, before I debate the morality or lack of morality of those 2
historical events with you I need to know if I will be placing wear and
tear on my brain cells for no purpose, in short I need to know if you too
are a self righteous moral moron.  So Chris, what is your honest opinion of
the morality of somebody who says "supporting the Nazis was the right thing
for the Arabs back then" and "I believe that 9/11 was a good thing"?

  John K Clark

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