On Mon, Aug 26, 2013 Chris de Morsella <cdemorse...@yahoo.com> wrote:

> > I was correcting your mischaracterization of two democratically elected
> and popular leaders who were overthrown in bloody CIA backed coups and
> replaced by fascist dictators
Yes Chris, the CIA staged those coups, but some countries violently change
their brutal 2 bit tin horn dictators with a new brutal 2 bit tin horn
dictator more often than I change my underwear, so its a little hard for me
to get all weepy about it; particularly when placed in the perspective (as
I did in my post) of the tens of millions of there own people that the
communists have murdered. As for IRAN I think the CIA probably did a good
thing in 1953, yes it placed the country in the hands of a brutal 2 bit
dictator, but from 1953 to 1979 it probably prevented the country from
falling into the hands of brutal 2 bit dictators who were driven by their
imbecilic religion to push their country back into the ninth century.

Of course a lot of this is supposition, we'll never know for sure what the
world would be like today if the CIA had not been involved in those coups;
but I do know that even if what they did wasn't right it was little more
than being mischievous compared with the horrors committed by Lenin or
Stalin or Mao Zedong or Kim Ll-sung or Mr. Ass's favorite, Hitler.

> ****
> > You had mischaracterized these two popularly elected heads of state as
> 2-bit leaders. I find that to be a strange choice of words to describe a
> democratically elected head of state.
To my mind if something is democratic that does not automatically mean it
occupies the moral high ground. Hitler gained power legally, and a recent
opinion poll showed that 64% of the Muslims in Egypt and Pakistan think the
death penalty should be invoked for anyone who leaves Islam, and in
Afghanistan 78% think so.  And in Iraq and    Afghanistan 60% think that
the killing of female family members by men should be legal if the women
"sully" the family honor. Would you really be upset if somebody prevented
these democratic practices from being implemented? I wouldn't be.

> > John -- Not interested in placing any more wear and tear on your brain.
Thank you, but I'm concerned that you ignored my question.

> > Either we discuss or we don’t.
Before we can talk more about moral issues I need you to answer the
question I asked you in my last post,  because discussing matters of
morality with somebody who makes excuses for a creature who says
"supporting the Nazis was the right thing for the Arabs back then" and "I
believe that 9/11 was a good thing" would be like debating with a baboon
over the correct way to solve a problem in Calculus. And I have better ways
to allocate my time than that.

  John K Clark

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