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But maybe it doesn't. At least some week form of solipsism, where
there is in fact only me, but the notion of "I" is extended. No?

I would say that there are as many notion of "I", that there are intensional

The most basic is the 3-I, like when the machine says I have two arms, (Bp), then there is the 1-I, when the machine says that she has two arms, and it is the case that she has two arms (Bp & p), then there is the observer I,
when the machine says that she has two arms, and it is possible, not
contradictory, for that machine that she has two arms, or equivalently that
0=0 is not a contradiction, Bp & Dp,

equivalent with Bp & Dt. Then the
"feeler" whioch combines both Dt and "& p".

Bruno, I don't understand these last two lines. What's Dt? What's a feeler?

A feeler is someone who feels. My automated spelling verifier does not complain, but perhaps he get tired with me :)

D is for diamond. Dp, in modal logic, often written <>p is an abbreviation of ~B~p.

For example (possible p) is the same as (not necessarily not p). Like "it exists x such that p(x)" is the same as not for all x do e have not p(x).

Bp & Dp, really means that p is true in all worlds (that I can access) and Dp really means that there is such a world (if not, classically Bp can be vacuously true). Normally there will be some explanations of modal logic (on FOAR). Older explanations on this list exists also, may be by searching on "modal" (hmm... you will probably get too many posts ...).



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