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If so, can't we say ~D~t and thus []t?

Yes, []t is a theorem, of G and most modal logic, but not of Z!

Isn't the only situation where ~Dt the one where this is no world?

~Dt, that is [] f, inconsistency, is the type of the error, dream, lie, and
"near-death", or in-a-cul-de-sac.

Thus your interest in near-death experiences?

Yes. And in all "extreme" altered state of consciousness. Those extreme cases provide key information.

We should *try* to avoid it, but we can't avoid it without loosing our

The consistent machines face the dilemma between security and lack of
freedom-universality. With <>p = ~[] ~p, here are equivalent way to write

<>t -> ~[]<>t
<>t -> <> [] f
[]<>t -> [] f

I don't understand how you arrive at this equivalence.

I use only the fact that (p -> q) is equivalent with (~q -> ~p) (the contraposition rule, which is valid in classical propositional logic), and the definition of <> p = ~[] ~p. I use also that ~~p is equivalent with p.

Note that []p = ~~[]~~p = ~<> ~p.  And,

~[]p = <> ~p
~<>p = [] ~p

Like with the quantifier, a not (~) jumping above a modal sign makes it into a diamond, if it was a bo, and a box, if it was a diamond.

Starting from <>t -> ~[]<>t. Contraposition gives ~~[]<>t -> ~<>t, and this gives by above, []<>t -> []~t, which gives
[]<>t -> []f   (as ~t = f, and ~f = t).


For the third one, starting from the first one again: <>t -> ~[]<>t, By contraposition []<>t -> ~<>t , but ~<>t = []~t = [] f.




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