Dear Russell, 

Back in 2012, you made the following claims regarding my general attack on 
"mathematical reductionism":

1) Self-awareness is a requirement for consciousness 

2) We expect to find ourselves in an environment sufficiently rich and 
complex to support self-aware structures (by Anthropic Principle), but 
not more complex than necessary (Occams Razor). Sort of like 
Einstein's principle "As simple as possible, and no simpler."   

3) The simplest environment generating a given level of complexity is 
one that has arisen as a result of evolution from a much simpler 
initial state. This is the evolution in the multiverse observation, 
that evolution is the only creative (or information generating) 

4) Evolutionary processes work with populations, so automatically, 
you must have other self-aware entities in your world, and 
consequently inter-subjectivity.

My question to you, as basic as it might seem, is... have you changed your 
mind about any of these presuppositions? 

Yours forever in the multiverse,

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