On Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 01:02:13PM -0400, Richard Ruquist wrote:
> Bruno: Arithmetical truth escapes largely the computable arithmetical truth
> (by Gödel).
> Richard: I guess I am too much a physicist to believe that uncomputible
> arithmetical truth can produce the physical.
> Since you read my paper you know that I think computations in this universe
> if holographic are limited to 10^120 bits (the Lloyd limit) which is very
> far from infinity. I just do not believe in infinity. In other words, I
> believe the largest prime number in this universe is less than 10^120. So I
> will drop out of these discussions. My assumptions differ from yours.

Then you might well be interested in the Movie Graph Argument, which
deals directly with the case where the universe doesn't have sufficient
resources to run the universal dovetailer.


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