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Amnesia = gap in the chain.

Memories are not a necessary requirement for experience and thus are not a requirement for subjective continuation and survival. You survive despite forgetting things, or being in a meditative state not drawing on any past memories.

You're talking about long term memories. If you lost ALL memories I don't think you would be the same person.

You woke up this morning as Brent Meeker, emerging from the null conscious state to a barely awake one, and eventually a fully awake Brent Meeker. Someone with no memories may not be the same person by our normal definitions of personhood,

And why should be adopt non-normal definitions of personhood? and what would those be?

but they may become any person (who emerges in a similar way as a human does awaking from sleep, or developing in an embryo).

Having experiences is not necessarily the same as being Jason Resch.

Jason Resch is a label that can be applied to some experiences, but when you try to find the borderline where you can no longer apply this label you will find only confusion.

And the border between Mexico and Texas is indefinite at the atomic level. That doesn't mean there's no Mexico and no Texas.

branching, etc. Any state eventually leads to every other state.

Sounds like wishful thinking.

I will accept that when you can point to a computational state not reachable from some other arbitrary computational state.

Anartica is reachable from California, but that doesn't mean I'm going there.

But such a path that exists, and in the case that all paths are explored

All things follow from a false premise.

Only when actually proved to be false will everything actually follows. You can't speculate on the falsity of e proposition to say that everything follows, or you beg the question.



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