On 20 Oct 2013, at 02:24, Russell Standish wrote:

On Sat, Oct 19, 2013 at 06:02:14PM -0500, Jason Resch wrote:
Across the many worlds you will find a nearly continuous spectrum of
persons from those just like you to those like someone else, and everything in between. Any suggestion of a discrete border that defines where Brent
ends and someone else begins would be completely arbitrary.


This is what Parfitt argues in his Napoleon thought experiment. I
don't agree that this is at all obvious. It seems likely to me
that there are vast gulfs of non-conscious configurations in between
say you and me, without there being a continuous path linking us in
the Multiverse. In such a case, universalism makes no sense.

There are vast gulf of non-conscious configurations, But I think that with comp, despite this, there are still a conscious continuous path.

In fact I think (but not use!) that you have a conscious path between any brain, and the empty brain (no brain!).

It is an "agnosologic" (I forget the correct term right now. Hope that Stathis will correct the term) path. Some people can become blind, and not see the difference, as they become amnesic on everything concerning vision. Comp generalizes this, I think, for all sensation/ perception, and it means that there is a special path, for destroying a brain, so that the subject, at each step would say (until he can't talk!) that he don't feel anything changed in his consciousness. When he can't talk anymore, he will still not see the difference, as he forget what talking is all about!

Then you can added again pieces of a brain, of some different person, in the inverse "agnosological" path, and you get a continuous (first person) path between two different persons.

Note that salvia can do something very similar. You get totally amnesic, but, in some circumstance, cannot acknowledge the fact. You can even feel like "oh, this time nothing happened". It is only when you come back that you realize the hugeness of the experience.



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