On 11/15/2013 6:48 PM, Chris de Morsella wrote:

LFTR reactors would produce U233 -- which is very nasty stuff.

But they breed only what they consume, none of it is 'waste'.

Still preferable to the fast neutron U-238 breeder types that would create the plutonium economy, but it is very nasty stuff in the hands of the wrong people. How would the state prevent U233 from falling in the hands of the wrong people if these small LFTR reactors became widely deployed all over the world?

The U-233 is contaminated with 0.13% U-232 which is an intense gamma ray source. Anybody taking material to make a bomb only has about 72hrs to live. Of course that wouldn't deter some people.

In order to protect these facilities and prevent U233 -- and a lot of other by-products -- from being turned into very very dirty bombs we will guarantee that we will live in a police state. How else could the entire sector be kept secure?

Naah. We have reactors now that are more susceptible to making dirty bombs and it doesn't require a police state to protect them. France gets most of its power from nukes. What police state we have is too busy keeping people from smoking pot, drinking and driving, and emigrating.


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