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    > And for nukes? I would say:  O N L Y  fusion!
    The 'old fashion' fission nuke may be even more danerous than fossil 

Lets look at the disasters associated with various energy producing projects:

In 1975 the Shimantan/Banqiao hydroelectric Dam in China failed and killed 
171,000 people.

In 1979 the Three Mile Island reactor melted down and killed nobody.

In 1986 the Chernobyl nuclear plant melted down and killed 31 immediately and 4000 many decades later.

In 1979 the Morvi hydroelectric Dam in India failed and killed 1500 people,

In 1998 a oil pipeline in Nigeria exploded and killed 1078 people.

In 1907 the Monongah Coal Mine in West Virginia exploded and killed well over 
500 people.

In 1944 a liquified natural gas factory exploded in Cleveland Ohio and killed 
130 people.

In 2011 the Fukushima nuclear power plant melted down and killed nobody.

Not only that, coal mining releases a lot more radioctivity into the atmosphere than nuclear plants ever have.


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