On 11/15/2013 8:22 PM, Samiya Illias wrote:
Never mind who said it. Considering what we know of quantum mechanics, is everything real made of everything unreal? Does that mean that everything is actually unreal, a holograph, a reflection of our mind, if that is real?

I don't even know what that would mean (and it doesn't sound like Bohr). I'd say we use 'real' in contrast to 'illusion' or 'dream', and the distinction is that the 'real' is objective in the sense that others will agree on it. We can show it to other people, i.e. it is intersubjective 'reality'. It's a common theme in fiction: A character sees something unusual which no one else sees and then he struggles to get others to believe it happened. He even doubts whether it was an illusion. Eventually he finds corroborating evidence that convinces others.

Neils Bohr had a horseshoe nailed over the door to his office.
When a graduate student asked him if he believed the supersition
that this would bring good luck, Bohr said, "I'm told it works
whether you believe in it or not."

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