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Below, I'm paraphrasing from memory a couple of passages:
On the subject of the persecution of the 'Bani Israel' Children of Israel by Pharoah, such that the male children were being killed and females kept alive, It reads that it was a great trial from God. At another place, it reads that know that whatever happens to you, good or bad, it is all inscribed in a decree before we bring it into existence. This is so that you do not despair of whatever passes you by, nor exult over ... There is a lot going on all over the world that one would like to wish away, but it helps to understand that all things / events / circumstances are trials, temporary and transient. In this life, nothing is a reward or punishment, rather everything is a trial, and an opportunity to do good deeds through helping those in need. Reward and Punishment are concepts associated with the Hereafter, and are of a permanent nature.

I can make sense, but in the machine's theory, some truth there need to remain silent, as they will look like nonsense for some people. It is of the type "only going without saying".

No, he didn't say "Oops!", God exhorts us to reflect and ponder!

Are you open to doubt your theory? Or some points in your theory?

If not it means you stay connected to the incommunicable part, and you take the risk of saying to much, and fuel disbelief, even and especially when not wrong.

And, btw, what is your position on computationalism, because this is an hypothesis shared by many here (if only for the sake of the argument). Would you accept that you or some friend get an artificial digital brain? Have you think about this question? Have you an idea of the consequence for consciousness and physical realities, and for the possible theologies?

I don't defend the idea that comp is true, but comp makes possible to use computer science and mathematics to formulate the questions, and put some light around.

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Well, for the Mandelbrot sets zooms, I hope you can access a bigger computer with a larger screen.



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