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> Could you name a materialistic theory that explains consciousness

Consciousness is the feeling information has when it is being processed; if conscious is fundamental, that is to say it comes at the end of a long line of "what is that?" questions, then after saying that there is just nothing more that can be said about it. And hey, it's just as good as a billion other consciousness theories.

It's interesting that people love to spin consciousness theories because it's so easy to do, but you really have to know what you're doing to propose a theory of intelligence and there is no room to hide behind muddy unprovable metaphysics or undefined pronouns. Unlike consciousness intelligence theories are easy to prove wrong, but even if only partially correct they could be good enough to make you a billionaire. All consciousness theories produce is gas.

This is exactly what UDA shows that comp *leads* to a reduction of the mind body problem into a body problem in arithmetic.

We don't need to try to define consciousness, but to agree that consciousness is invariant for some transformation of the brains, and this eventually reduce physics to a measure problem for relative computational state in arithmetic.

Please study the reasoning. Cease the rhetoric. If you study step 4, you cannot fail to grasp step 3.

You didn't convince any one you refuted the reasoning, given that each time you provided a counter-example it was shown to confuse the first and third person views, usually at the last moment. Each time. You say that the use of the pronouns is defectuous, but I am the one insisting to keep clearly the distinction between pronouns referring to the first person and the third person view (as defined with the notion of personal diary).

You are in Helsinki, and by comp you know that you will survive one and entire in a unique city, and you know you can't know which one precisely. It will be one, and if you write W, the first person experience of the one in M will refute it. In the perfect self-duplication in different context, each copies get one bit of information. Comp entanglement is sharing of teleportation (annihilation/ reconstitution) boxes.



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