On 12/27/2013 8:08 PM, Edgar L. Owen wrote:

Let me point out one fatal problem with Bruno's theory as you present it.

According to you there is some single processor that runs all this UD stuff, but the truth is that in actual computational reality every logical element

What is a "logical element"?  a NAND gate?

functions as a processor so all computations proceed at once in every cycle of 

So this computation is embedded in time, but not in space. In the UD model time and space are both computed relations.

This is the only way everything in the universe could possibly get computed. A computation here can't possibly wait for one on the other side of the universe!

If time is a computed relation it doesn't matter how many steps it takes to compute it - the duration is whatever it is computed to be. It's just like most simulations I know; it runs a lot slower than "real" time.

If Bruno's UD requires a single processor of reality it simply cannot describe actual computational reality.....

He proposes to dispense with any physical computation and have the UD exist via arithmetical realism as an abstract, immaterial computation.


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