On Fri, Dec 27, 2013 at 12:18 PM, Edgar L. Owen <edgaro...@att.net> wrote:

> Many worlds is probably the most outlandishly improbable theory of all
> time

Yes Many Worlds is absolutely outlandish but that doesn't mean it's
incorrect because if there is one thing that quantum mechanics has taught
us it's that whatever the true nature of reality is it's outlandish! If
Many Worlds isn't true then something even weirder is.

> and should have been laughed out of existence as soon as it was proposed.

Is Many Worlds more laughable than the present changing the past, or you
and me and the entire universe being a simulation in a gargantuan
supercomputer somewhere, or the mainstream Copenhagen idea that things only
become real when you look at it? Copenhagen is nuts because things aren't
real enough, Many Worlds is nuts because things are too real and everything
that could exist does exist. As I say if Many Worlds isn't true then
something even weirder is.

> every quantum event that ever occured in the history of the universe
> spawns an entire new universe of all its possible outcomes and every event
> in every one of those new universes does the same. This immediately
> exponentially escalates in the first few minutes of the universe into
> uncountable new universes and has been expanding exponentially ever since
> over 14.7 billion years!

That would be ridiculous and nobody would dream of suggesting such a looney
idea if they weren't desperate. They were desperate.

> > Just try to calculate the number of new universe that now exist. It's
> larger than the largest number that could ever be imagined or even written
> down.

I know, it's nuts, but is it true?

> There is not enough paper in the universe, or enough computer memory in
> the entire universe to even express a number this large!

I know, it's nuts, but is it true?

> Doesn't anyone ever use common sense and think through these things

Common sense is of absolutely no help in questions of this sort, Evolution
didn't make our monkey brains to deal with them.

> to see how stupid they are?

I would use the word crazy not stupid and Many Worlds is certainly crazy,
but is it crazy enough to be true?

> And it violates all sorts of conservations since energy eg. is multiplied
> exponentially

Face the facts, something important about the way we think the world works
has got to go, and to my mind dumping the conservations laws is less
drastic than dumping the idea the the moon exists even when I'm not looking
at it. And besides conservation laws are not based on some logical
imperative but were just empirically derived, and they could still hold
within each branch of the multiverse.

> it is completely clear that decoherence theory falsifies it conclusively.

I have no idea what you mean by that.

  John K Clark

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