On 28 Dec 2013, at 19:30, Edgar L. Owen wrote:

Not at all. Decoherence falsifies collapse.


That is my point. Decoherence falsifies collapse. Exactly.

Decoherence falsifies many worlds.

Decoherence is just the contagion of superposed states to the observer/ environment. It vindicates the many-worlds.

Many-worlds is not an interpretation, but an easy consequence of the linearity of the wave, and the linearity of the tensor product.

That is so true, than when the founders got this, they introduces a new axiom for the measurement which basically says that quantum mechanics is wrong for the observer, to avoid the spreading of the superposition. But that is ad hoc, and contradict the idea that physicists obeys to physical laws.

With decoherence everything is a wavefunction and those wave functions just keep on going and interacting in this single world.

The waves don't interact, and the superposition, by linearity, never disappeared, and spread at light speed.

QM-without-collapse = MW.

Explain me with only QM how a branch of the wave could ever disappear.

Then with comp, arithmetic contains all dreams, and QM becomes the digital seen from a first person plural points of view. the math confirms this up to now. This makes "mono-universe" still less plausible.



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