On 29 December 2013 00:26, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

> On 28 Dec 2013, at 03:53, Jason Resch wrote:
>> Would any "universal number do"?
> That is what Bruno speculatively has suggested. I am not so sure.
> Sometimes I think an "if-then-else-statement" contains all that is
> fundamentally required for consciousness, or at least, to be an atom of
> consciousness.
> As the base of the UD, any universal numbers will do. That is why I can
> chose arithmetic or combinators etc.
> For raw consciousness, I am prety sure that universality is already too
> much, now just "if then else" might be not enough, I don't know, and I
> don't thinks it is important. I will not found a society to protect the
> private life of thermostat. I think.

Fair dos for thermostats! Like us, they have their ups and downs...

(Or is that thermometers?)

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