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It has always seemed to me that UDA cannot solve the mind-body problem strictly because it cannot comprehend the existence of "other minds".

Actually, I have wondered about this. How do all these "threads of computation" which are assumed to exist in arithmetic actually manage to communicate with each other?

Some universal system (in arithmetic, thus), can emulate interacting universal systems. Indeed the UD simulates even all possible interactions between universal systems. The only problem which remains is in the search of why such universal systems (allowing interactions) win the "measure battle", but for this we have to extract the measure first, and then the interaction from them. If we add interaction, without extracting it from comp, we are doing traditional physics, and we lost the qualia and all the non communicable stuff, and we put again the mind under the rug.

Stephen critics seems to miss the point that UDA *formulates* the constraints we have to follow in solving the mind body problem. he could as well say that UDA miss the gravitation law, Maxwell's equation, the H bosons, and actually even space and time. We are only at the beginning here. All what comp already say, is that the possible answer are closer to Plato's theology than Aristotle theology, which means that comp forces us to backtrack on 1500 years on "theology", to get the comp-correct physics.



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