On Monday, December 30, 2013 10:18:59 AM UTC+11, Edgar L. Owen wrote:
> Pierz,
> If block time is actual and something actually exists in past times then 
> the energy must actually exist there and be real also. Thus a new universe 
> of energy is being created at every new moment of time. Energy is not being 
> converted from one form to another but stored in each moment of past time. 
> Block time does violate conservation of energy. I know there are ways 
> people try to weasel out of this but they are not convincing.
> Block time is simply not possible, and as I've pointed out before SR and 
> the associated STc Principle conclusively falsify it. Not only that no one 
> who accepts the block time nonsense has been able to come up with any 
> convincing physics based reason why we exist in a present moment, or even 
> seem to exist in a present moment, since you don't believe there actually 
> is one.

I believe there is one, sure! At least from the point of view of any 
embedded observer. It's true that the phenomenon of the present moment is a 
curious one, but it really boils down to the problem of consciousness or 
the first-person perspective. Objective (3-p, in the terminology of this 
list) descriptions of the world can (and must) disregard it entirely. As 
for SR falsifying the block universe/block time, that is a complete 
inversion of the truth. See this, for instance: 

But even if the present moment is somehow grounded in physics as opposed to 
consciousness, that does not show that this present moment encompasses the 
whole universe as you insist it must.

> Best,
> Edgar
> On Sunday, December 29, 2013 5:55:09 PM UTC-5, Pierz wrote:
>> Agreed, Liz. His bizarre misunderstandings about block time (it violates 
>> conservation of energy) and sundry other statements exhibiting poor 
>> comprehension of modern physics reveal him to be exactly what you suspected 
>> early on: a crackpot. The question he put to you in which he asked if you 
>> ceased to exist at one point on his timeline reveals his basic error of 
>> logic. Everything must exist simultaneously with me, therefore there is a 
>> universal common present moment. Obviously that does not necessarily follow 
>> but Mr Owen has invested so much in his idea (he's written a book - 
>> self-published one might assume) that he is incapable of seriously 
>> questioning it any more. I guess there are two routes to genius: have a 
>> brilliant, revolutionary idea and convince the world, or have a wrong 
>> revolutionary idea and armour yourself so heavily against reason that every 
>> rebuttal merely reinforces your own view that you are a misunderstood 
>> visionary. Ad hominem. Mea culpa.

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