On Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 12:28:50PM +0100, Bruno Marchal wrote:

> Thanks (for Edgar). The guy deriving space from time is Allen
> Francom. You might google on "FOAR time space Allen Francom",
> perhaps. I guess he discusses this on other lists too. He wrote
> papers on that subject.

I'm not aware that he has (he has written papers critiquing the MWI,
which I have totally failed to understand, though). I quizzed him
recently on the issue, and he admitted he didn't have a mathamatical
model showing how space (or spacetime) emerges from quantum
interactions. This just puts him on a par with Edgar, or myself, who also
do not have such a model, in spite of thinking it might be an
interesting approach.

The one I am aware of is the paper by Moreva et al, which is based on
Page and Wooter's model (That's Don Page, who was an early contributer
to this list). The arXiv identifier is 1319.4691 - I skim read it on
the plane on my way to Eurpoe for family holidays, but haven't yet had
a chance to seriously study it. It is, however, just a way getting
time to emerge from the timeless Wheeler-de Witt equation by addingin
an observer - its certainly not the full Monty!



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