Pierz, Liz and Frequent Flyer,

Jeez, you guys, this seems to be becoming a matter of sacred religious 
dogma to you and someone who doesn't agree deserves to burned at the stake! 
Lighten up guys and take a deep breath, they're just theories!


On Sunday, December 29, 2013 5:55:09 PM UTC-5, Pierz wrote:
> Agreed, Liz. His bizarre misunderstandings about block time (it violates 
> conservation of energy) and sundry other statements exhibiting poor 
> comprehension of modern physics reveal him to be exactly what you suspected 
> early on: a crackpot. The question he put to you in which he asked if you 
> ceased to exist at one point on his timeline reveals his basic error of 
> logic. Everything must exist simultaneously with me, therefore there is a 
> universal common present moment. Obviously that does not necessarily follow 
> but Mr Owen has invested so much in his idea (he's written a book - 
> self-published one might assume) that he is incapable of seriously 
> questioning it any more. I guess there are two routes to genius: have a 
> brilliant, revolutionary idea and convince the world, or have a wrong 
> revolutionary idea and armour yourself so heavily against reason that every 
> rebuttal merely reinforces your own view that you are a misunderstood 
> visionary. Ad hominem. Mea culpa.

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