On 04 Jan 2014, at 02:44, Chris de Morsella wrote:

Exactly – the comforting fairy tale wins out every time, because it can say whatever it wants – after all who is checking lol -- and so can be customized and tweaked until it provides that culturally tuned comforting warm blanket of – essentially unquestioned -- spiritual foundationalism. People seek easy pat “answers” to the hard questions… and really who can blame them. Getting the comfortable framework in place supplies them with their pre-made answers and so solves the evolutionary problem posed by self-awareness, and the ensuing awareness of one’s own inevitable demise…. And the attendant psychological paralysis that opening this recursion of questions leading to deeper questions poses for the individual who may at any moment become lion food on the Savanna. Best to get an easy pat “answer” that addresses the dilemma and provides a comforting happy tale for the individual who can then focus on the day to day business of actually surviving another day.

Much easier instead to market the self-contained doctrine that side steps all the mess of actually trying to work it out replacing the blood sweat and tears of actual enquiry with some divinely inspired story/book, which one questions at peril of life and limb (at least in much of human history).


I would not say that it is ok;


it is the way things seem to play out, but I for one do not think this is Ok… and I realize you were not assigning any value to the word J

I am just OK with your description/conclusion. It does not mean I am OK with them at all, 'course.



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