On 05 Jan 2014, at 16:18, Edgar L. Owen wrote:

Jason, Liz, Brent, Pierz, et al,

Boy it's amazing how heavily personally invested you guys are in your belief system. You respond as if someone was daring to challenge the quasi-religous core orthodoxy your very existence and self-image depends upon.

As I said before, "Lighten up guys, these are only theories for goodness sakes." Why all the self-righteous anger over a theory, over just ideas?

I've been consistently polite, courteous, and on topic with no personal attacks or flames at all. I suggest we all keep it that way.

Fair enough.

As for 'block time', it's a theory that is riddled with contradictions so ridiculous and numerous it's actually amazing that anyone would give it any credence at all much less believe it like some core religious doctrine from on high.

But here you contradict what you say above.

Never say that something is ridiculous, just prove the contradiction. Always focus on the point.

You do have a patronizing tone, and your way of presenting the things seems to witness that you are not used to confront others with a theory.

Just saying it's not, which is what most of today's responses to my questions of yesterday amount to, doesn't make that true.

On the contrary, I think that the people are very patient with you. For my part, I still don't know what you assume, and what you derive from what you assume. You do seem to assume some ontological "present moment", but this does not make sense with computationalism, nor with SR, nor with GR, as other pointed out.



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