On 16 January 2014 07:26, Edgar L. Owen <edgaro...@att.net> wrote:

> Jason,
> 1. First I demonstrated that SR falsifies block time (by requiring a
> moving arrow of time and a present moment), so since SR is well verified
> block time is false.

SR doesn't require a moving arrow of time, and the present moment is only
defined for a given location in space-time.

> 2. I asked you around a dozen questions each homing in on another problem
> with block time. I received no convincing answers to any of them that I
> recall. Basically you just told me they weren't really problems without
> giving any reasons why not.

Since your point 1 is false, you couldn't have asked any meaningful

> 3. Then I asked you to clarify a couple of aspects of the structure of
> block time (e.g. is it a continuum or sequential frames) which you were
> unable to provide.

In SR it's a continuum.

> Please understand I'm not singling you out here. The problem is not so
> much with your explanations as with the theory itself which is just not
> tenable and which of course you are not responsible for....
> As far as I know, the idea of block time was proposed by Newton (I think
he called it the sensorium of God, or something like that) and was later
used by Laplace, Einstein and Minkowski.

Since your point 1 is false, you failed to falsify block time. If you
*can*show that SR requires a moving arrow of time, or whatever, then
SR may
invalidate block time, but it hasn't yet.

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