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> Liz,
> Do you know what my argument is? Quentin also claimed it was invalid but
> he couldn't tell us what the argument is that he claims is invalid. Do you
> know?
> You argued as follows:

The proof is simply the fact that the time traveling twins meet up again
with different clock times, but always in the exact same present moment.
This proves beyond any doubt there are two kinds of time, clock time which
varies by relativistic observer, and the time of the present moment (what I
call P-time) which is absolute and common to all observers across the

When this is realized there are a number of profound implications.

First that time travel outside the common present moment is impossible
since all of reality (the entire universe) exists within/is the common
present moment. The only time travel that is possible is having different
clock times within the same shared present moment.

Second, that this is compatible with only one cosmological geometry, named
that the universe is a 4-dimensional hypersphere with P-time (not clock
time) as its continually extending radial dimension. That is cosmological
space is positively curved and finite. In fact we all see all 4-dimensions
of this geometry all the time and visually verify this, as the radial
P-time dimension is seen as distance in every direction from every point in
the 3-dimensional space of the hypersphere's surface.

What amazes me is that no one recognized this simple obvious fact prior to
my stating it in my 1997 paper 'Spacetime and Consciousness'. It's a great
example of how the trivially obvious can remain unrecognized, no matter how
important, if it isn't part of the accepted world view of, in this case,
either common sense or science.....

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