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> The simplest and by far most likely answer is to assume that the world we
> appear to live in IS the real actual world

Maybe. But it could be argued that if the ability to perform vast
calculations is possible (and I can't see why it wouldn't be) then sooner
of later it will be achieved,  then a future Jupiter Brain will be able to
create astonishingly realistic simulations, and Mr. Jupiter Brain would
probably be curious about humans, the creatures that made it,  and so it
would make a simulation of them, and those simulated humans will make a
simulated Jupiter Brain which in turn will make simulated simulated humans
who will [...]

I admit this is a VERY long chain of reasoning, but you might conclude that
the most likely conclusion is we live in a simulation. I'm not saying any
of this is true but...

> We can imagine we live in some simulation by some super beings and that
> may or may not be a possibility (I maintain there will always be a way to
> figure that out),

I'm almost embarrassed to admit it but from time to time I have found
myself drawing analogies from the coarse grained nature of the quantum
world and getting too close to the screen in a video game and seeing
individual pixels; and between the quantum world where things don't seem to
actually exist before you measure them and the fact that a good programmer
doesn't waste computer power simulating things behind a big rock that
nobody will ever see. And the singularity at the center of a Black Hole
does sometimes seem a little like a screw up where a programer tried to
divide by zero.

I'm half joking in all this, but only half.

  John K Clark

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