On 16 Jan 2014, at 22:31, LizR wrote:

Everything else I've said on this subject has been in response to people trying to argue that physics is not time symmetric. So far all such arguments have been a variant on "the second law says so" and my response has been a variant on "the second law emerges above the level at which we can detect time symmetry". (Plus I've invoked boundary conditions on the universe to explain how the second law can arise from time symmetric physics...)

I agree a priori with you on this.
I can agree also that this time-symmetry (of QM, which time symmetrical) + boundary special condition can be consistent with QM + one reality (although weird and not satisfying)

I think pure QM (without boundary condition, that is MW) is even more symmetrical, and conceptually more simple, and that your point go through it.

The boundary condition a still a way to select a dream as more real than other dream, and of course, does or make sense in comp, unless the numbers conspire in making the whole geography into physics which is not reasonable.



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