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*​> ​Computers such as AlphaGo have complex algorithms for taking the rules
> of a game like chess and running through long Markov chains of game events
> to increase their data base for playing the game.*

That won't work. No computer could examine every possible move in the game
GO because there are 2.09*10^170 of them and there are only 10^80 atoms in
the observable universe
and yet in just 24 hours it taught itself to be, not just a little better
but vastly better than an
human being
​ at the game​
, it easily beat the computer that beat the world's best human
​GO player

 it wasn't a specialized program, it did the same thing with Chess and
sever other games.
​ The most amazing thing of all is that humans didn't teach it to do any of
this, it taught itself, all it started out knowing is which moves
were legal and which were not. That's it. ​

And besides, explaining why
 is smart does not make it one bit less smart.

> *​> ​There is not really anything about "knowing something" going on here.*

Call me crazy but I think word should have meaning. If you're right and the
computer does not "know something" then whatever "knowing something" means
(assuming it means anything at all) it has no virtue because human
, who "know something"
​, ​
behave stupider than a computer that "known nothing".

> ​> ​
> There is a lot of hype over AI these days, but I suspect a lot of this is
> meant to beguile people.

​You seem to believe that humans and the meat they are made of have some
special mystical something than computers and the microchips they are made
of can never have. I disagree, I think the idea of a soul is superstitious
nonsense.  ​

​John K Clark​

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