On Sunday, January 20, 2019 at 10:46:01 AM UTC, scerir wrote:
> [BRUNO writes] It has a non null amplitude of probability of being here 
> and there at the same time, like having a non null amplitude of probability 
> of going through each slit in the two slits experience. If not, you can’t 
> explain the inference patterns, especially in the photon self-interference.
> Interesting to point out that, in the two-slit, it is possible to have 
> interference even when there is just one slit open (and the other slit 
> shut, and viceversa, with some appropriate frequence). In this case it 
> seems that the two amplitudes cannot interfere. 
> - Leonard Mandel : "On the Possibility of Observing Interference Effects 
> with Light Beams Divided by a Shutter", J.Opt.Soc.Amer., 
> 49, (1959), 931.
> - R.M. Sillitto, Catherine Wykes: "An Interference Experiment With Light 
> Beams Modulated In Anti-Phase By An Electro-Optic Shutter", 
> Physics Letters, 39-A-4, (1972), 333-334.

*Isn't this called diffraction? AG *

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