On Wednesday, April 17, 2019 at 1:42:14 AM UTC-5, Cosmin Visan wrote:
> 1) Oh, I'm clearly not making that mistake. When I talk about emergence, I 
> talk about ontological emergence, not the hand-waving epistemic kind that 
> people usually talk about. The emergence that I'm talking about is the 
> emergence of new qualia on top of previously existing qualia. This is what 
> my book is about. So it's the real deal. Alternatively, have a look at my 
> presentation from the Science & Nonduality conference where I talk about 
> The Emergent Structure of Consciousness, where I talk about ontological 
> emergence and I specifically mention to the audience that the epistemic 
> emergence is false: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jMAy6ft-ZQ 
> And what realizes the ontological emergence is self-reference through its 
> property of looking-back-at-itself, with looking-back becoming more than 
> itself, like in the cover of the book.
> 2) Consciousness is not mysterious. And this is exactly what my book is 
> doing: demystifying consciousness. If you decide to read my book, you will 
> gain at the end of it a clarity of thinking through these issues that all 
> people should have such that they will stop making the confusions that 
> robots are alive.
> 3) No, they are not extraordinarily claims. They are quite trivial. And 
> they start from the trivial realization that the brain does not exist. The 
> "brain" is just an idea in consciousness.

The panpsychist says

   *Matter is all there is, but matter has experientiality.*

The proposed alternative is

    *Experientiality is all there is, while matter is illusion. *

As science has proceeded so far as the study of matter, I'm not sure how 
the alternative (vs. panpsychism) helps in the science of consciousness.

- pt

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