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*> You formerly insisted that energy conservation would be manifest in MWI
> splitting due to measurements, because whatever unit of energy was used it
> would be rescaled with the probability and so the thinning out of energy by
> redistribution would be undetectable. **Now you are suddenly aware that
> conservation of energy isn't even to be expected.*

I've been saying from the very first day this stupid controversy started
that General Relativity does not predict conservation of energy at the
global level because the laws of physics are not the same from place to
place if spacetime has been curved by a gravitational field, in fact it's
not clear what conservation of energy even means in General Relativity.
And I have also been saying that even if for some strange reason you insist
on something called "the conservation of energy" you can have it if you
want by simply multiplying the probability of each branch by the energy in
that branch because all the probabilities must add up to exactly 1, but why
you would still want it is a complete mystery to me.  And that's why I've
also been saying from day one that this entire thing is either silliness
squared or the square root of silly, I'm not quite sure which.

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