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 > *Supposedly energy is singled out as apportioned because it's nominally
> conserved.*

I suppose that's why some around here are making such a big deal about it.

>  >* it's conserved because Hamiltonians are time-translation invariant. *

But the universe is not time-translation invariant, in an expanding
universe the laws of physics we have now are different from what they were
long ago; a good example of that would be the age of inflation, and in the
last 5 billion years Dark Energy has dominated the universe but before that
it played an insignificant role. And we now know that the universe is not
only expanding, it's accelerating.  And that's why in General Relativity
energy is conserved locally but not globally; globally energy conservation
is not even well-defined.

> *> Measurement in a branch isn't evolved by a time-translation invariant
> Hamiltonian. So there's no reason to think energy is conserved. *

That's why this entire objection to Many Worlds is not just silly, it's
silly squared, or perhaps it's the square root of silly I'm not quite
sure. There
is no reason Many Worlds needs to conserve energy, and even if there were
there's a way for it to do so. Energy might be conserved at the Multiverse
level if somebody could think of a way to define the thing, but even if it
is I don't see how that obscure fact could lead to anything useful.

> *> In fact if it is always conserved that would be contrary to MWI.*

Not just in MWI and General Relativity, even in a quantum mechanical system
it has been found that things look different if only time is reversed, it's
only if you reverse not just time but also swap the electrical charges and
then look at the system in a mirror do the laws of physics behave the same
way, it's called CTP Symmetry.

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