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> The authors are professionals. You hold that your knowledge base is is
> greater than the authors?

First of all it's author, not authors, it's written by only one guy, of
course you wouldn't know that since you didn't read it, you just posted a
link to it.  And the extent of the author's knowledge base is irrelevant
since however large it may be he made absolutely no use of it in that
paper, he just babbles about electromagnetic fields and proclaimed it
somehow causes consciousness, he doesn't explain how electromagnetic fields
produces consciousness, he doesn't even give us a hint, he just insists
that it does. And he does not make any testable predictions. In other words
the paper is so bad it's not even wrong.

Do quantum effects play a role in consciousness? – Physics World
> <https://physicsworld.com/a/do-quantum-effects-play-a-role-in-consciousness/>

Nope, I'm not gonna read it, I've decided I'm no longer going to read links
that you have not read or even clicked on but that just popped up on your
Google search when you fed it a few buzz words.  I've already wasted too
much time on your worthless links.

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