I have noticed a curious upsurge in ideas that involve a little bit of 
science, some futuristic stuff with a heavy dollop of science fiction ideas 
that are framed within libertarian or right winged political ideology. 
Social media has had a big growth in this sort of silliness. I suppose 
maybe those on the conservative political spectrum with little stomach for 
the religious right or Christian nationalism are voicing their ideas more 
and more.


On Saturday, April 29, 2023 at 2:54:49 PM UTC-5 spudb...@aol.com wrote:

My view based on what a few astronomers have written, is that we are not 
yet at the level of placing enough detectors aka telescopes around the 
solar system, the Oort cloud-Kuiper Belt to detect even big things like 
Dyson's Spheres. If one goes by why would our kiddies' built it, I'd go 
with the speculation of yes more room for humans, fauna and flora, yes,, an 
energy catcher, solar, but also I will throw in the a Dyson sphere as a 
resurrection machine. It'd take lots and lots of electrical power!  

Yeah this again.  ​Dyson spheres: The key to resurrection and immortality? 
- Big Think <https://bigthink.com/hard-science/dyson-spheres/>

Primo motivation there, young fella!

I am betting we now would have trouble identifying a sphere. We are just 
getting good at the telescope engineering, and we have not even built a 
telescope farm on the Lunar far side yet!

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