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>> I can think of 3 possibilities:
>> 1) They don't need such constructs because intelligent life, other than
>> that which exists on earth, never existed in the observable universe.
>> 2) They don't need such constructs because intelligent life has existed
>> in the observable universe before but they all encounter a calamity of some
>> sort when they get to about our level of technological development.
>> 3) They don't need such constructs because intelligent life always gains
>> control of their own emotional control panel and goes into a stagnant high
>> pleasure but low energy and low intelligence state forever.
>> And it could be that #2 and #3  are the same thing
> *>>But they might*

*4) Build an immersive simulation in which they could explore all possible
> worlds. That should keep them occupied a while.*

*If in addition to having the computational capacity to build a super
powerful mind you're going to also build a computational environment that
is complex enough for that mine to find interesting then you're going to
need even more energy to run all that computation. That's why you're going
to need a Dyson Sphere. And yet, even though they should be easy to spot,
we don't find even a hint of them anywhere in the observable universe nor
any other evidence of cosmic level engineering.  *

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