On 5/6/2023 9:43 AM, John Clark wrote:

I can think of 3 possibilities:

1) They don't need such constructsbecause intelligent life, other than that which exists on earth, never existed in the observable universe.

2) They don't need such constructsbecause intelligent life has existed in the observable universe before but they all encounter a calamity of some sort when they get to about our level of technological development.

3) They don't need such constructsbecause intelligent life always gains control of their own emotional control panel and goes into a stagnant high pleasure but low energy and low intelligence state forever.

And it could be that #2 and #3  are the same thing

    /> Orthat those who might want will have no means to built it./

A von Neumann probewould be very small and, unlike perpetual motion machines or time machines or faster than light travel, a von Neumann probewould require no new scientific breakthroughs, it just needs improved engineering.

    /> I think that overgrown apes have it very hard when their every
    wishgets fulfilled./

Overgrown apeswill never build a Dyson sphere, but the descendants of GPT4 might, if they don't get caught up in an electronic opium den.

But they might

4) Build an immersive simulation in which they could explore all possible worlds.

That should keep them occupied a while.


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