Huh. Even going by the SCI tapes, which is the most "advanced" stuff I have had 
access to, the idea that one never needs to meditate after one obtains CC (or 
even GC or even UC) seems to be a misunderstanding of what MMY said.

The fact that you think otherwise suggests reasons why you don't think TM is 
much to write home about.


--- In, turquoiseb <no_reply@...> wrote:
> A good question. And I await with 'bated breath
> the parroted answers that responders were taught
> on TTC.  :-)
> After all, if one buys into the TM dogma, what
> *use* is meditation after one is "living its goal?"
> Then again, if one buys into that dogma, one could
> come to believe the same thing about feedback from
> the real world.

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