So, when a Canadian posts fibs, he is posting a parody; when two guys from Texas post fibs, they are liars. Thanks for pointing that out - that might help explain why you seem so prejudiced against Texans. Go figure.

On 12/25/2013 10:03 AM, wrote:

    *If they're interested, they've already seen more than enough in
    the past couple of days to know you and Feste are lying
    jackasses. No need to go back any further than that.*

    Just in case they are still interested there's this from the same
    post of Robin's, which if untrue, constitutes one of the biggest
    fibs ever posted to the group, and your non-reply if WAS a fib.
    You are usually pretty quick to make a comment on anyone posting
    outright lies to the group. But, in this case it looks like Robin
    was sincere. Either way, you are hoisted on your own petard this
    time. LoL!

    *"Judy, I think you an intelligent and well-meaning person; but
    Curtis and Barry?and even to some extent, although less
    passionately, Steve?have identified what is wrong with you; and I
    think you must be courageous enough to finally examine yourself,
    since I, who until just now was one of your most loyal supporters
    have undergone an extraordinary change of heart, and have admitted
    to myself that you are the person in the wrong here, that Barry is
    right. Would you even just for the sake of how much I have
    defended you in the past, think about what I have said here?"*

    << Judy, I don't think anyone is interested in why Robin did or
    didn't dump you. If they were, they could go back and re-read all
    of Robin's messages. Go figure. >>

        On 12/24/2013 10:38 AM, authfriend@...
        <mailto:authfriend@...> wrote:

        << Remember, folks, the whole point of the exchange was
        Robin's purported defection from me to Barry.
        At some point you are going to have to face reality, Judy.
        The first step in this direction would to stop the fibbing.
        Then, and only then will you ever persuade anyone on this
        forum that you are the only one with integrity.

        "In withdrawing from FFL I have had time to reflect upon my
        history there and the characters I have interacted with.

        It will perhaps come as a shock to some, but in reading
        Barry more closely and without the intense bias that has
        gripped me right from the start when Barry appeared to make
        himself immune to the effects of my posts, I have concluded
        that essentially Barry is right. Right not just about Judy;
        but right about even myself..."


    Do you suppose Richard is so far gone he didn't notice that what
    he quoted from Robin's post confirmed what I had just said that
    he called a fib?

    Poor fellow.

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