Thank you for the suggested reading!  I have not read this yet… but I will J


I too was raised Christian (Catholic actually) ….

You would not believe how incredibly fast I had to dump out my belief system just to “get by”


I look forward to reading this stuff!


Oh, btw…people mentioned having a master look at you and tell you “where” you have been or what it was you reached?

Is that really possible? Where in the heck do you find such people???

Not sure why that intrigues me…but it does.


> > Paula, have you read ³Collision with the Infinite² -
> >
> > I think you would enjoy it.
> Ditto on that. The story of a woman awakening to the
> "horror" of the fullness of emptiness.

Or the books of Bernadette Roberts; I think the first
is "The Experience of No-Self."  She's a Christian
contemplative who unexpectedly slipped into the
experience and had quite a struggle dealing with it,
went through several stages, ending up in what sounds
a lot like MMY's descriptions of Unity consciousness.

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