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 What worries is me that you have such a disconnect from the people that run 
the US that you actually think they would murder thousands of their own people 
for reasons best known to themselves. 

 Whoa, Jack! You're half reading me.  I'm not alleging that our politicians 
conspired to pull off 9-11.  It's a shadow government that many people in the 
US believe exists (and probably many folks in the UK believe about your own 
government).  Killing thousands would rile up Americans (and believe me the 
days following they were insanely riled) to support anything the  government 
asked if it involved retaliation.  So Arab terrorists did 9-11 and we go off 
and bomb Afghanistan and Iraq.  Shouldn't we have bombed Saudi Arabia instead?  
Something wrong with that picture? But the hijackers weren't working for the 
Saudi government. The organisers lived in Afghanistan and we just knocked off 
Iraq for the hell of it. Been after an excuse for years. 
 BTW, for some reason a lot of people who worked at the WTC were told to stay 
home that day.
 There's a kind of movement like that in the UK about the Islamic terrorist 
that blew up some tube trains a decade ago. The story goes that the government 
knew about it but let it happen because it would be an excuse to rachet up the 
anti-terror laws, which completely coincidentally can also be used to harass 
innocent people whenever the state feels like it.

 The UK subway bombings indeed smell of a false flag.  These types of 
operations have been around for centuries but I guess that history wasn't your 
favorite subject?
I think you've lost it. Can you tell fact from fiction any more? Too much TV 
perhaps, it's hard to tell sometimes, except the news doesn't have happy 
 I don't believe it for the simple fact that however cynical politicians get 
it's their own friends and family that might get blown up. You don't seem to 
have that sort of human link, sure the govt in the US has blood on its hands 
but the 9/11 conspiracies are qualitatively different from interfering in the 
politics of left wing countries or suppressing anti-capitalist demonstrations. 
It isn't a quantitative thing at all.

 See my above comment.
 I think it's the conspiracists that react emotionally, something unbelievable 
happens and the dots get joined up irrationally, anything to make it make sense 
that doesn't just mean the world is so dangerous a bunch of religious 
fruitcakes can walk onto planes in America and fly them into public buildings. 
I'd hate to live in a country where I thought the government would actually 
blow me up as an excuse for starting a war in a third world country, some of 
the residents of which had already made some bold attacks on the US - unless 
they were conspiracies too.

 In the 1960s they wanted to send us young guys off to the rice paddies of 
Vietnam to get our asses shot off. Gulf of Tonkin is a confirmed false flag to 
gain public support.  The poor Vietnamese just wanted their country back after 
centuries of domination by foreign powers.  Now we do trade with them. Go 
 Because of the crap you can find on youtube, I know people who actually think 
ISIS and Al Queda don't exist at all and were created so the "west" can clamp 
down on personal freedom. We realists know they just used the 9/11 and 7/7 
bombings as an excuse for that.....

 This history of Al Qaeda is well known from their existence as Mujahideen and 
supported by our CIA to fight against the Russians in Afghanistan.  They've now 
morphed into ISIS.  Erm, that's what I've said here many times. It's the 
conspiracy theorists who've taken it too far. Not me. 
  Some of us weren't born yesterday.  BTW, when is it you turn 1?  :-D  I'm 
guessing this is some derision at challenging ideas yes? 


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