Spot on, Edg. It's amazing how many people who haven't been abroad or worked in government just buy the propaganda. I guess history wasn't their favorite subject. Ask some of the young kids who got shot up in Afghanistan or Iraq why they joined the military? They'll tell you it was the only job they could get.

On 10/11/2014 02:03 PM, Duveyoung wrote:

Yeah, of course you can find MANY who would be part of arranging a false flag for 9-11.

What a bunch of blinkered fools we are. Let's open our scrunched-up eyes a crack and admit one thing: the authorities of the world will do cruelty in any form upon anyone no matter the legal framework.

Your local cop IS A MOTHERFUCKING KILLER wishing for his moment to totally ruin someone's life.

And if he isn't, then he's an enabler of a fellow cop who is a sociopath....and that is just AS BAD.

Case in point: I know of an 2007 incident in sleepy little-town FAIRFIELD in which a cop TORTURED A ROO for over 12 hours in the presence of the other officers. Not a headline. (Don't ask for details -- can't out a Roo who doesn't want more of the same if he's seen bitching about it in public. No charges, let the guy go the next day.)

But see? This is the heart of darkness within ALL OF US in Kali Yuga. Even our heroes will be found to be tilted in this age.

Even the good guys.......consider how the TMO did all it could to subvert the legal requirements during the murder at MUM. Those were "saints," right? Even inside them was the "I get to do whatever shit I want to" dynamic. Consider Ed Beckeley, Dr. Bloomfield, the commodities groups, the TMO money laundering and smuggling, etc.

I have been to 17 countries and saw the same shit everywhere. Give someone a gun and they're looking for "game" cuz they're on safari, donchaknow.

To sum: how many good Americans would be willing to put a tactical nuke inside a 9-11 tower? Almost any cop, any soldier. Deal with this fact. It's the truth. Krishna took sattva with Him 5,000 years ago. There's no Arjuna out there wearing a badge of honor and integrity.

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