Yes, the Maharishi Effect is a hallmark of the teaching of TM. Maharishi wanted 
us to begin to hear, that his ultimate goal was world peace. No, science cannot 
possibly measure anything like that - not that it matters.  

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 I understand that it is not reliant on believe for the ME to work. I also 
think that for individuals to become more in tune with the world around them 
then it means that they first have to have access to what is available within 
themselves -  the good stuff - then the rest will follow in terms of a macro 
effect. But I am not convinced that 1% of a population meditating has 
accomplished much of anything in terms of implementing/encouraging peace on a 
grand scale. On the other hand, I just haven't been paying attention to any of 
this since the mid 80's so I am, no doubt, out of the loop. 

 No you aren't, the concept of brains affecting each other at  a distance is no 
more likely or satisfactorily explained now than it was then. It isn't about 
"breaking down self imposed boundaries" It's supposed to be what happens when 
meditators are near other people, it doesn't matter if they don't know the 
meditators are there as it is transmitted through some unexplained medium that 
is apparently unmeasurable except in how it affects others.

 That is how I understood the ME - that it is some sort of mystical, magical 
effect that starts to happen when a certain percentage of the population 
meditates. It is an exponential phenomenon maybe? I don't quite recollect back 
from my MIU days but I kind of remember it as the individuals somehow equal 
more than the sum of the parts or some such. I guess a rational person would 
demand something more than the proclamation of this, would require some sort of 
proof. Has that proof been provided anywhere except in the skewed statistics of 
the Movement? I guess I can't get excited about whether it has or hasn't. Maybe 
that is my problem.



 I'd be excited if it gets proved as it would mean a revolution in science, 
they don't happen very often! But not they haven't got any convincing evidence 
yet, a sceptic might say they should have been able to prove it by now but 
there's no harm in keeping on trying, but it is important that if they draw a 
blank they stop the proselytising and change the belief system to reflect it. 
That's what serious scientists do but I suspect the movement gave up on that a 
long time ago as the ME and supporting theories are so much their raison 

 I'll be on hand to point it out though ;-)



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