just help you feel a bit refreshed on the train on the way home from work.

This is what the vast majority of non-True Believers yet TM apologists like Ann 
and Steve believe - since it made them feel good on the train going home, lets 
ignore all the other crap that comes with it. 

As Share loves to gush, don't throw out the baby with the bath water and it is 
these TM apologists who are not fanatics that give the Movement far more 
credibility with those who are just getting introduced to TM through D Lynch 
and his shenanigans than if TM were purely promoted by whack jobs like Nabby 
and those idiots on the Committee for Stress Free Schools who CLAIM to have no 
affiliation with the TMO, but are just concerned businessmen who just happen to 
know TM is the most effective remedy for school problems - no affiliation with 
the TMO except that is for the pedophile co-directors they have on staff.

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You are being too kind - 

Actually, I thought I was being successfully rather sarcastic!

I thought it was a really good post, I gave it two stars.

Not too shabby, especially as I've got a stinking cold.

Maybe double-edged would be a better description than sarcastic.

I was serious though, even though I don't believe in it I think it's good that 
it's being tested again and with so many that it will leave us in no doubt.  I 
can't imagine what the TMO will do when they don't have a leg to stand on 
regarding the Maharishi Effect. I know they'll just carry on regardless but 
they should take heed that we'll always be able to point to this and say "what 
about...". Unless it turns out they are right of course, in which case it'll be 
humble pie for the sceptics unless we're all too enlightened to care!

Here is the thing, why isn't a meditation technique good enough to hang your 
hat on as a Movement? Why bother to start claiming all sorts of "Maharishi 
Effects" when all anyone really needs is a sound meditation technique? I don't 
know if TM is the greatest or bestest out there because I don't like sitting 
during my waking hours with my eyes closed when there is so much else to do and 
see so I simply don't scope out other techniques to compare. But the ME? I 
don't believe any of it for a minute. But why is the ME even necessary to put 
out there? If human beings are benefiting personally from a technique then the 
whole world should benefit due to the individuals becoming happier, calmer, 
more grounded.

I quite agree, but you don't know the half of it. 

The movement has simply the most extraordinary worldview with revolutionary 
ideas encompassing and governing literally every aspect of life - the 
constitution of the universe. You don't just have a human body, you have one 
that's created by vedic literature. You don't just have a mind, it really is 
the unified field of all things and only TM can show you the truth of the way 
things are.

I think it's about self aggrandisement, instead of being just a technique it's 
about being the greatest group of any kind ever. Something to feel elite about, 
and it has the secret language that keeps the brethren close and reinforces the 
belief system. It's also better for the organisation that instead of just 
meditating you are creating world peace - once you've swallowed the concept of 
non-local consciousness you find there is a range of "technologies" like 
yagya's for you to invest in that help both you and the world.

When you get into thinking in a TMO way, the world is a very different place 
and the completeness of it is impressive, health, education, war. All 
controlled by this unified field thingy that, if you are in touch with it, 
brings you great advantage in life. Nature support is what they call it, people 
who meditate get better luck. At least according to the theory. I never noticed 
it and never saw it in anyone else, just like I didn't with any other of the 
products they sell.

As a body of work vedic "science" is highly impressive, consistent and has an 
internal logic that - if it was true - would be the greatest discovery ever. 
Which is exactly how it's promoted, you get into it bit-by-bit until you've 
been on enough courses for it to sink in and it takes over how you interpret 
everything. I was lucky in that I'd read a bit of physics and knew that the 
unified field hadn't been discovered and that, even if it had, it wasn't likely 
to be consciousness for a great many reasons. That helped me stay at a distance 
from it but I did inevitably get sucked further in when I went to work for them.

As religious belief systems go it's harmless enough, probably no worse than the 
Jehova's Witnesses or ISKCON, you can at least function in the real world as 
long as you don't try and tell your work mates about the Constitution of the 

Would they have been better off just teaching TM? Maybe not, with a hardcore of 
devotees that think they are creating world peace by bringing back the greatest 
wisdom the world has ever seen, you can maybe get more teaching done than if it 
was taught casually by part-timers. It's also self-perpetuating now that anyone 
they approve of can become a teacher and the knowledge is highly protected, 
more so than if it was something you could get out of a book that just help you 
feel a bit refreshed on the train on the way home from work.

The belief system was also fantastic at making money, at least for a while. Not 
really sure how well they do in the internet age, especially as there are 
independents taking a big cut from the central office.

I like meditating but as for the rest of it, does it make sense? not really. Is 
it a good explanation of reality? I don't think so. Might even be the worst 
I've come across. Does it matter? People can believe what they like, my only 
problem is when they teach children but that goes for any religion. That people 
accept it at all is interesting as it all stems from the sense of unboundedness 
you experience in meditation, to get such a huge philosophical leap from that 
is impressive but I think it's in error as an explanation for the experience, 
but I know where the devotion for it comes from. 

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