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 Ann, The Maharishi Effect, is not about belief. It is about a shift in 
identity, from me, to us. Not in some phony way, but an actual shift, in 
empathy, compassion, and even beyond that, sensing oneself, that 'finest 
feeling level, we are all familiar with, strengthening that, not just for me, 
but for everyone, everything, becoming a source of life giving and supporting 
energy, globally. That can never be accomplished within the obvious boundaries, 
of our individual minds and bodies .  

 But, if we break down some of these self-imposed boundaries, of ourselves, 
again, not through belief, but through integrating experience, Being, then, 
this effect, of thousands of fliers (that being the sutra of greatest 
integration of Being), is truly one that unites us, as a global people, and 
begins to calm a rapidly changing world, in the direction of peace, and a 
better world. Not through belief, but by reaching a profound, and sustainable, 

 Maharishi always operated like that, from the intro lecture, on - peace begins 
at home, and once that is established, go for the world. It is a very exciting 
time, with every possible institution, system, leader, and big idea, under the 
microscope of ubiquitous communication, encyclopedias in a thumbprint, and 
everyone on the Internet. All it takes is the right momentum, at the right 
time, encouragement of the other side of life, away from violence, and 

 The genius of the Maharishi Effect, just as Maharishi accomplished with the TM 
technique, is to find the combination most efficient, in terms of the program 
for each individual, and their congregation, to effect world peace, in a 
mechanical way. There is no need for belief, or hope - 

 As the Nike ad says, "Just Do It", and the rest follows. I promise.

 I understand that it is not reliant on believe for the ME to work. I also 
think that for individuals to become more in tune with the world around them 
then it means that they first have to have access to what is available within 
themselves -  the good stuff - then the rest will follow in terms of a macro 
effect. But I am not convinced that 1% of a population meditating has 
accomplished much of anything in terms of implementing/encouraging peace on a 
grand scale. On the other hand, I just haven't been paying attention to any of 
this since the mid 80's so I am, no doubt, out of the loop. 


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