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 Bhairitu, I heard "they" raved over Anne Hathaway's accent in Becoming Jane, 
the fic bio of Jane Austin.
 Yup, she could pass for a native. But why they got a Merican to play her in 
the first place is beyond me. Ditto, Bridget Jones. Not that I actually saw 
either movie but the local talent must have felt a slap in the face.

 It's about "A-List actors" who will get 'mericans to flock like lemmings to 
the multiplexes.
 Of course. I'm unmotivated by who the actor is and forget that you guys might 
enjoy watching one of your own impersonate a foreigner.  I can't stand period 
costume drama, all that curtseying and grovelling, life was only like that for 
1% of the country and the rest of us had to pick up the slack. Why doesn't 
someone make a movie about the Tolpuddle Martyrs or the Levellers or the 
Peterloo massacre? That's the stuff for me. Or robots. Movies with robots work 

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