Barry brings up the 'lurking reporters', just as Lenz brought up 'negative 
entities'. A boogeyman. How unimpressive.

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 You don't read their stuff, but i figured it would make your day to learn that 
Jim and Ann (both who claim that they are not obsessed with you) have been 
bragging about having read A WHOLE BOOK about Rama (the same one you told us 
about) so that they can obsess on you even more while trying to demonize you. 
You were right, this place is a zoo.

 Hey there Mr "Reporter Man". Here are a few tidbits to cogitate on. 
 1) bawee reads everyone's posts especially if he suspects they are about him. 
He keeps a running tally.
 2) if anyone is talking about bawee it makes his day. Why do you think he 
comes across as such a disappointed whack job? Hint: because he is a 
disappointed whack job.
 3) reading a book about Rama is not about bawee, it is about Rama. Saying that 
we are reading a book by an author (Mark Laxer) who used to be part of the 
inner circle of Lenz's cult and claiming anyone who reads it is obsessed by a 
bit player who once was part of that cult (bawee) is like saying anyone who 
reads Stephen Hawking's book "A Brief History in Time" is obsessed with his dry 
 4) "bragging" about reading a book. Maybe if I was in first grade and managed 
to finish it.
 5) "Demonize"? bawee is nowhere near being in the category of "demon", sorry. 
You have to be powerful and interesting and mysterious to be that.
 6) If FFL is such a zoo why are you still hanging around? And if bawee is to 
be believed you've been here a while so how long has it taken to realize what 
is going on here, Mr Reporter? 
 7) you should be a little more discriminating in who you keep company with; 
there is guilt by association in this joint. 

 Color me not surprised. I guess it gives them something to do other than whack 
off.  :-)

 On 10/20/2014 2:47 AM, salyavin808 wrote:
 They must have some serious time on their hands. I thought the "unified field" 
would give Jim endless pleasure and an ego working beyond the mere concerns of 
us mortals so he didn't have to get caught up in our tawdry world. Instead it 
seems that he can't get enough of it!

 Non sequitur.
 I often used to wonder what Marshy meant when he lectured about how an 
enlightened mind could only obey the laws of nature. I guess we know now, 
arguing on the internet must be important work for the "unified field" It's the 
modern way I suppose, I just thought that having access to all that infinite 
wisdom might be a bit more impressive to behold. 

 Non sequitur.
 But that's just my waking state consciousness struggling to understand 
something way beyond its meagre limits obviously.

 Obviously, since you don't seem to realize that it was Barry who first brought 
up the subject of Frederick Lenz, aka Rama and the levitation events in the 
first place. Not only does this fact indicate the limits of your waking state 
of consciousness. It's starting to look like you're suffering from a form of 
cognitive dissonance - Barry is the informant that wants to talk about cults 
and cult activities. Go figure.

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