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For me as time went on such experiences tended to damp out, everything kind of flattened out, until one day on a walk there was this shift in which the world, as it always had been, was identical with what I had been seeking.
*I'm not sure you get my point. You, like Sam Harris, are talking about finding alternative -- theoretically better or more benign -- methods of "giving people these experiences of unboundedness." But it strikes me that neither of you have ever taken a step back and told us WHY you or anyone else really *wants* these experiences in the first place, and more important, what objective *value* these experiences bring to your life or to the lives of others.

I *understand* what you're saying...I think. I'm just pointing out that you and Harris both seem to sound as if you're inside a herd of lemmings presenting options for a new direction in which to run, without ever making a case for WHY you are running in the first place. :-)

/Maybe we should review//://
//The purpose of yoga, both Buddhist and Hindu, is to liberate man from suffering; so that they do not have to be reincarnated again and bound by karma. Everyone already knows this. Sam Harris already told you this - didn't you read his book?

'The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason'
by Sam Harris
W.W. Norton & Company, 2004
p. 214


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