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Could it be that we're simply compelled by neural pathways in our brain that want to be activated?
/According to MMY it is the nature of the mind to want to enjoy - it's only natural for anyone to want to be free from suffering. He said that "the way into bliss is the way out of suffering."//
//So, nobody wants to suffer but in fact, suffering is a given in life: we all suffer from repeated birth, old age, sickness and eventual death. The truth is that we are all bound by karma, either from this life or from a previous life. There is no exception to karma, from the highest god or deva down to a single blade of grass. //
//The idea behind yoga is to provide the ideal opportunity for awakening to the truth of how things really are. If you know the truth you will be free. Yoga is immortality and freedom. //
//According to yoga theory, you build up samskaras due to karma - the actions in this life and in your past lives. You can remove the samskaras through tapas - "burning off" the accumulated layers of past actions through meditation and other yoga practices. But a practice will not remove all the samskaras - even for an accomplished "yogi" there's always a trace of karma because they still maintain a human body with air, water, and food, coarse or fine, and thoughts, volitions and desires. //
//A "siddha" yogi is one who has realized the truth and is totally free while still in living in a human body, a "jivan-mukti" - for them there is no return; everything has been done that needs to be done; gone to the other shore; totally gone. No come back no more.//Free./

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Well said Barry - and I agree with every word

It's NOT that I'm saying that seeking spiritual experiences ISN'T valuable. I'm just pointing out that almost no one in history has ever stepped up to the plate and made an objective, scientific case for what that value might be.

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