/It was intersting to see how Xeno tried to enable Barry, by
    leaving out of the discussion all the interesting stuff Barry
    believes in - like karma and reincarnation.

On 10/23/2014 10:21 PM, anartax...@yahoo.com [FairfieldLife] wrote:

    I do not have time to read everything Barry writes. I have no idea
    what he believes about karma and reincarnation, we have never
    discussed it and I have not read what he said about it, if
    anything. We seem to disagree about the nature of free will. No
    one on this forum needs enabling to post what they think. Of
    course I never intended to include any of what you say.

/You've spent what, hours dialoging with Barry about believing in God being a form of mental illness, and you don't even know what Barry believes in? Go figure./

    //What happened - I thought you guys all read Sam Harris'
    book.////Go figure.

    //Xeno didn't even recognize the dissonance in Barry's preference
    for Bruce Cockburn songs. Everyone knows Cockburn is a born-again
    Christian. What about Barry's claim that a "belief in God is a
    form of mental illness."


    Why are Cockburn's beliefs of import, Barry likes music and in
    particular Cockburn's songs and guitar technique. I like Bach
    (Lutheran), Mozart (Catholic), Brahms (probably agnostic), Glass
    (Jewish-Taoist-Hindu-Toltec-Buddhist); what does that have to do
    with [cognitive] dissonance when listening to their music?

/Because the words to Cockburn's songs are all about believing in God? Did Mozart or Brahms sing about any songs? /

    /How does that work?/


    Trolls are not that connected to what others post, with comments
    skewed tangentially to the ongoing discussion, so you do not need
    to know how it works, as that is largely irrelevant to your posts.

/You're still trying to enable Barry. Why do you suppose Barry trolls here to post duplicitous messages to get angry responses? A belief in God is not a form of mental illness. Everybody already knows that. You are supposed to listen to the words of the songs BEFORE you post your comments. Thanks./

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